How to remove makeup to let your skin rest?

How to remove makeup to let your skin rest?

How to remove makeup to let your skin rest?

Cleansing your face is one of the simplest beauty gestures ... but also the most complicated! Manu takes stock of the different methods and their effectiveness.

Ah, remove makeup ... An act that seems very harmless and hyper fastoche while not that much!

There are many different products, lots of make-up routines and you can get lost in all these choices.

To help you I propose a simple makeup removal tutorial.

Why to remove makeup?
Do you almost see how you feel when you're having a sleepless night? This horrible sensation that the world around you is very hostile?

Now imagine that's what your skin feels when she can not rest. Oh yes, poor thing!

During the night, your cells are renewed and that also applies to the cells of your skin.

In addition to makeup, your skin will collect pollution particles during the day as well as dead skin cells.

All these impurities will lodge in your pores, block them and prevent your skin from renewing itself. After, you can get a scruffy complexion, dull skin and buttons happily disseminated on your face.

Makeup removal will allow you, first, to remove makeup even if you put very little but especially to get rid of impurities.

So it takes 5 minutes, 10 if you really are and it allows you to preserve your skin for the future.

It's not nice that ?!

Basically, tell yourself that your skin is your best friend: it protects you from the cold, the sun, the outside world ... so it's still worth the pamper!

How are we done to remove makeup?
Whether you decide to use disposable or reusable wipes, cotton, micellar water or even coconut oil, do not forget to clean for long enough to remove everything.

Also pay attention to the eye contour, the skin is thinner and therefore more fragile.

Rather than scrub everything, I advise you to gently massage or pat.

If you use waterproof mascara you know as well as me that it's a wound to remove: the thing does not want to leave and makes you raccoon eyes!

Frankly coconut oil is still what I found best to make up the makeup without too much galley.

Here is a small selection of the products I used in the video, or alternatives.

So, I finished removing my makeup?
Almost !

Before sleeping, if you use a cleanser that rinses or is not moisturizing, do not forget to put a small cream.

Already it prevents your skin does not pull during the night, it's not ideal and ... it moisturizes, what.

By cons, always look at your skin: if you have a sudden push of pimples or redness maybe that the products you use are not suitable.

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