5 reasonable beauty resolutions for the new year!

5 reasonable beauty resolutions for the new year!

5 reasonable beauty resolutions for the new year!

January also rhymes with beauty resolutions! Take the opportunity to review your beauty habits. Virginia offers you five downright reasonable.

Makeup removal is sacred!
I would put my hand to cut, 90% of the female makeup population has skipped the make-up on the night of December 31 to January 1 ... If you're a part, reassure yourself, fall asleep on his fake Eyebrows never killed anyone. However, it is good to resume good habits as soon as possible!

Make-up removal, you know it already, is the guarantor of a fresh and clean skin. Cleansing oil, micellar water, smooth milk ... There is something for every taste, every need, and every degree of laziness!

In recent years, makeup remover with oil and baume fat is very fashionable. Even if the "I put Golden Fruit on my face" can be scary, there is nothing more effective to take off the makeup, even waterproof, and clean the pores.

Even oily skin will find its account (less dilated pores, less blackheads ...) provided you follow the oil or balm with a foaming cleanser.

If you do not make up, no need to go through the makeup removal step, a cleansing lotion or a foaming gel will do the trick.
Perseverance, the key to a beautiful skin
Some diseases such as acne and rosacea sometimes make us hate our skin. If the solutions proposed in the trade are sometimes limited, the perseverance is de rigueur.

Our skin is completely renewed every four weeks, so always wait a minimum of one month before making an opinion on a cosmetic product.

As long as the skin does not heat up and does not produce more pimples than usual, you have to persevere. To stop a cream too early is to risk never realizing that in fact, it is great!

I stop biting my nails
This year, it's decided, you stop biting your nails and you become a nail art pro! This ugly mania, also known as onycophagia, is considered by the psychiatrists as a way of releasing anxiety.

If playing sports, wearing gloves or even "seeing someone" can be effective in eradicating mania, specific polishes can also help break the habit of nail biting.

Most of the time, this type of product feels terribly bad and tastes deliberately infected to deter the wearer from bringing his fingers closer to his mouth.

In addition to applying a bitter varnish, pamper your nails with a care promoting their growth and resistance. A small massage of your cuticles and your nails every night before going to bed will quickly show its effectiveness on the state of your hands as on your morale!

My hair, my battle
Washing your hair regularly is good, but it's usually not enough to tackle a My Little Pony dream mane. This year, it's decided, the effect doormat and the lengths filasses will not pass by you!

Start already by going to visit your enemy friend the hairdresser. Already, to cut your points (it avoids the formation of forks and therefore promotes hair growth) then, depending on the trust you grant him, discuss with him a new cut adapted to your hair nature and its different issues. Curly, stiff, thin, thick ... With each clump its solution!

In addition to the mythical couple shampoo and conditioner, invest in a nourishing mask to apply once a week on your lengths and let ask about ten minutes.

If your hair is really very dry, you can also make oil baths (to leave for at least an hour on dry hair, before shampooing) to nourish your hair in depth.

In addition to your lengths, do not forget to treat your scalp!

If you have oily hair, your scalp is probably suffocating under an excess of sebum. To regain a little lightness, wash your mane every day with a mild shampoo and erase your scalp once a week with a product containing menthol or sea salt.

If you have dry hair, it's because your scalp is crying out! Make a special mask dry scalp once a week and do not hesitate to massage with a few drops of sweet almond oil or jojoba several times a week.

The massage reactivates the blood circulation, revascularises the scalp and stimulates the growth of the hair. You should quickly see a difference in the quality of your hair!
I take my foot (in hand)
Ah feet ... These great neglected of our beauty routines! However, they would need a little more care of them given all that is inflicted on them (Bilbo Baggins, I think of you and your dirty little girl).

Without necessarily going through the podologist box (even if, in case of horn several millimeters, it is strongly recommended!), A few simple gestures repeated regularly can allow you to find soft and healthy feet.

One evening a week, offer your little feet a care just for them. In a basin, add a few drops of essential oils (lavender, mint, sage ...) to a good level of hot water. Soak your feet for about ten minutes while the skin softens.

Once the skin is supple, dry your feet and attack the callus scrubs. You can either use a coarse grained scrub or use a rasp for your feet.

Do not hesitate to insist on the calluses (thickening of the skin in places of pressure) to soften them.

The exfoliation finished mass a moisturizing cream with emphasis on the heels and dry areas of the skin.

You can then put on a pair of cotton socks to protect the cream and allow it to penetrate the epidermis during the night. When you wake up, it's very soft feet!

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